It is more then normal to feel overwhelmed by crises, unacceptable behavior and lack of concentration. But what do we do in such situations? Is it better to wait for it to magically stop? Of course not! Often, whether we are parents or caregivers, we lack inspiration, no matter how full our toolbox is. I had the opportunity to experience two very useful new tools, both in my practice and in my own environment and it was a real success!

My first discovery is the cool-down poster, intended for preschool and school children, which hangs in our office or at home. It is also available in cardboard format, which is more practical in my opinion.

Affiche Retour au calme | Éditions Midi Trente | See the tool here 

This tool is used to:

  • get tips and tricks to help the child calm down when he is stressed, agitated or angry;
  • provide him with a host of possibilities to meet in order to channel his energy;
  • allow it to self-regulate more quickly thanks to a simple but effective tool.

My two favorites?

1. Grasshopper: Like the grasshopper, I jump on the spot 25 times.

2. Small hands : I crumple sheets of paper, I knead a stress ball or plasticine.

My second discovery is the Brain Break tool. There are 27 activities that can be easily done at school, which energize the body and neurons! We all know how often children are tired, restless or distracted in class. So now is a good time to stop for a minute!

Cartons Pause cerveau | Éditions Midi Trente | See the tool here

These original and fun activities help young people to :

  • regain energy when their reserves are depleted;
  • calm down in times of restlessness or dispersion;
  • improve their concentration and coordination;
  • stimulate various areas of their brain;
  • be more alert and more willing to listen and learn.

My two favorites?

1. The round of pencils Hold a pencil in your right hand and rotate it all the way to the right. Then do the same with your left hand, this time turning to the left. Then, take a pencil in each hand and repeat the same movements, at the same pace. When you are done, throw both pencils in the air and try to catch them with opposite hands. Repeat these steps a few times before putting down your pencils.

2. The machine lathe Arms extended on either side, swivels from left to right, feet firmly on the ground and arms in the air. This is the spin! As you continue this movement, say yes and no with your head. Relax, be soft as a rag! Roll your shoulders, bend and unfold your knees. Turn around a few times, then slowly come back to calm. Take a deep breath and stay like that for a few moments.

These tools, easy to integrate into our practices and our daily routine, will bring pleasure and lightness!

Good discoveries!



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