who we

It is our mission removing barriers between professionals and the families that are in need of help

We want to make it easy for families to find the support and accompanimend they need throught a diverse range of qualified professionals. 

About Accent Familles

Accent Familles was born out of a desire to meet and exchange with colleagues and professionals. Supporting children and families is a job that requires passion and expertise. Our platform aims to be a unifying place where we can evolve and continue to develop professionally. The wish of Accent Familles is also to put everything in place so that families can find support and human accompaniment in their daily lives.


Accent Familles mission is to bring together qualified professionals on a common platform to facilitate the procedures for families looking for a service adapted to their needs.


Everyone will be treated with kindness at Accent Familles. This is the value that guides every action that we make.

The crossing of skills and know-how of professionals is at the heart of Accent Familles activities. This is a value that is reflected in everything we do.

Professionalism and the search for excellence underpin our achievements at Accent Familles. This is a value at the heart of Accent Familles mission.

Our Partners